It's spring!

Monday, October 08, 2018
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Thinking about tackling that over-grown garden?

What is it about seeing that first bit of Spring sunshine that makes us think "I must get out in the garden and get the vege patch ready?" Since last week, we've already had 3 new people all with lawn mowing injuries at ThreeSixty.


There’s no doubt about it: Spring = Gardening = Injuries!

Here are our top tips on staying injury free this year:


Spring gardening time1 - Don't do it all at once

Set reasonable goals, you don't need to do it all in one go. Slow down.

2 - Take regular breaks

Tell yourself you'll do 1 hour of activity and then take a break to assess how your body is feeling. If you're starting to get sore, call it a day and come back again tomorrow.

3 - Vary the jobs

If you spend 1-hour kneeling down, try to spend the next hour doing something in a different position to give those muscles a bit of a break.

4 - Re-hydrate yourself

Every hour, give yourself 5 minutes to stretch, rest and

re-hydrate. Drink water (not coffee or tea). You'll be exerting yourself more than you realise, especially in the heat.

5 - Beware of reaching and bending

Injuries occur when the back is in the first stage of bending forwards - exactly the position we find ourselves in while gardening! Try to be mindful of your posture.

6 - Avoid heavy or awkward lifting positions

If you are bending, lifting and twisting that bag of potting mix, prepare to pay the price. Don't lift things that are too heavy, and if they are too far away, move them closer. Ask for help if it's really a two-person job.

7 - Know your limits

Injuries happen when we think "I'll just plant that last one". By this point, your muscles will be tired, and they won’t control your joints as well as they did at the beginning. The end of the task is the most common time for a silly strain to occur.

8 - Be kind to yourself

Find something soft to kneel on, or a little stool to sit on. Whatever you're doing, your body will thank you if you find the most comfortable position to work in.

9 - Listen to your body

When you're starting to feel a bit sore, you need to stop. Most pain from injury occurs from inflammation AFTER the injury has occurred. So, if you think you've over-done it already, don't "just push on", there's always tomorrow....

10 - Less is more

Don't keep going when you feel like you've already done enough. 5 days of 2-hour gardening stints is much better for your fitness than 1 day of 10 hours!

If you’re reading this because you’ve already been out gardening in the sunshine and have a few new aches and pains, give us a call – 09 427 9306.

Or book yourself an appointment online.


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