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“So what massage types are there?”

Massage is one of the oldest types of healing therapy around. It was used in India around 3000 BCE (before common era) as a type of touch therapy to reduce pain, heal injuries and encourage relaxation. There are even ancient Egyptian paintings depicting massage being used as a type of treatment.  Since then many different types of massage have been developed. 


RELAXATION MASSAGE (or Swedish massage)

Relaxation massage is the most common form of massage. It is gentle and relaxing, and involved lotion or oil being used to kneed, or stroke the muscles with circular motion to relax tight, sore muscles. This type of massage is used to relax, de-stress and soothe the superficial muscles and related connective tissue. It can be wonderful for anyone who wants a time out, to take care of themselves, and improve overall wellness and blood-flow. This is the type of massage where clients often fall asleep.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE (or Sports massage)

Deep tissue massage is much firmed than relaxation massage and works with the deeper muscle tissues. It is often firm and can be quite painful - usually a feeling of ‘good pain’ because you can feel it working on the tight bits. This is the type of massage used by sports people, or gym goers, who need their muscles to be soft and supple to prevent injury. It might also be used to help people who suffer from chronic postural problems, like sitting at a desk all day, or who do repetitive daily activities. Working on the deep tissues is more painful but gets longer lasting results than relaxing massage – the aim of the massage is totally different. Deep tissue massage is more therapeutic. It can be helpful at reducing pain and tension from tight shoulders, neck or lower back pain and headaches.


When muscles are really tight, they often have trigger points in them. Trigger points are very tight knots of muscle which are sore to press and can even cause pain to radiate to other areas. Really common areas for trigger points to occur are around the shoulders, neck, and forearms. During trigger point massage, the therapist will put pressure on the trigger points and hold that pressure until the pain starts to reduce. This is also a very good type of therapy for people who are getting headaches from these trigger points, or who spend a long time driving or sitting at a desk all day.


Pregnancy massage is a wonderful way for a mother’s changing body to adapt to the growing baby. Muscles and their coverings are getting stretched faster than they have ever been before, plus changes in weight and the pull of gravity, creates havoc in a pregnant woman’s body. With pregnancy massage, the skilled therapist uses gentle strokes and stretches to ease and sooth tight aching muscles. What’s more, babies in utero love massage, because they can feel the relaxation of the mother, and experience the endorphins running through the mother’s circulation system. Pregnancy massage is completely safe, when administered by a qualified therapist like Camelia.


During Aromatherapy massage, the therapist will select a blend of essential oils to use while massaging your body. Extracted from flowers and other plant parts, essential oils smell great, and are believed to have healing properties. Again, this is a more gentle type of massage, and the choice of selected essential oils is inhale for additional effect – be it to relax you, calm you, ease stress, help encourage hormonal balance and more.


There are lots of people who’d really benefit form having massage, but perhaps feel a little shy about taking off some of their clothes. At Threesixty, we think everyone should be able to feel relaxed, healthy and happy. If you’d really like to try one of these types of massage, but want to keep your clothes on, just let us know when you make your booking. Communication is key. We will work with you to establish what you’re comfortable with, and still gain great results for your muscles.


What ever type of massage you fancy, Camelia will tailor the treatment specifically to you. She'll chat to you at the start, to make sure the massage you get is exactly what you want.



Massage 20 mins - $45

Massage 30 mins - $60

Massage 60 mins - $100

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