At ThreeSixty Osteopathy, we are knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated to our patients.

We intend to help you with as much enthusiasm as if you were a member of our own family, but maintain a highly professional edge to give you the treatment you deserve.


André Kleinbaum B. App. Sci., M.Ost

Bachelor of Applied Science, Master of Osteopathy

Senior Associate Osteopath

ACC Registered Practitioner

André has 10 years of clinical experience gained through working in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

In keeping with our approach at ThreeSixty, he spends the majority of patient consultations with his hands ‘on’ the patient – maximising your response to treatment. André uses a variety of techniques which are similar to the rest of the team – soft tissue massage, stretching, and joint movement (articulation) techniques, including joint clicking when appropriate. He also has a number of more gentle, subtle techniques in his toolbox for patients who prefer a less firm approach. André firmly believes in helping you understand why you have pain, and what you can do to ease it or prevent it yourself.

"My fundamental aim is to empower patients to resolve or manage health problems through the use of osteopathy, self-care practices and patient education." - André

André has a special interest in treating babies and young children, and has completed a number of post-graduate courses to enable him to do so. This has involved working very closely with midwives, GPs and lactation consultants, to help support little ones with tummy symptoms like colic, poor feeding, flat head syndromes (Plagiocephaly), and tongue tie (Ankyloglossia). In Australia he worked closely alongside a specialist dentist to help babies with tongue tie, pre-and post surgery.

"I believe paediatric care is a valuable contribution that osteopathy can make to our community." - André

André has a Post-graduate certificate in Clinical Education, from the British School of Osteopathy in London. He is currently heavily involved in the teaching environment at Unitec, alongside Philippe. André currently lectures 3 days per week in Pain Science, Clinical Pathology and Osteopathic Theory.

This doesn’t leave André much free time, but any time he does get spare is spent enjoying the company of his wife and young son!


Belinda Dyer B. App. Sci., M.Ost

Bachelor of Applied Science, Master of Osteopathy

Junior Associate Osteopath

ACC Registered Practitioner

Belinda joined the ThreeSixty team in February 2019. She adopts a logical approach to osteopathic care through multiple avenues, not only providing "hands-on" treatment, but also encouraging her patients  to maintain their own health and well-being through education and advice.

Belinda originally had little awareness about the field of osteopathy - in fact, she initially thought of joining the police force, or studying physiotherapy instead. It was only when she suffered her own back injury that a friend recommended the local osteopath to help. Since then she's never looked back.

"I loved osteopathy from day one - I'd never be anything else." - Belinda

Belinda has a background in sport herself, having played in the first 15 rugby team. She currently works in the city for one of the rugby league teams, providing pre and post-game sports strapping, pitch-side support and practical field injury management. Needless to say, Belinda has a passion for sport and rehabilitation. Since 2018, she has also been providing massage services to the NRL Warriors throughout their season, and will continue this in her spare time throughout 2019 - no muscles is too tight for Belinda to address!

Belinda told us what she enjoys about being an osteopath:

"For me, it's building relationships with people, and helping them lead better lives." - Belinda

Give us a call to book your appointment with Belinda, or check out her availability online.


Haley Dillon B.App. Sci, M.Ost (Hons)

Bachelor of Applied Science, Master of Osteopathy

Advanced Associate Osteopath

ACC Registered Practitioner

Haley originally completed her first 3 years' training to be a vet, but decided that it wasn't the career for her. Haley was looking for something medical-related when she discovered osteopathy. She fell in love with the 'science' basis of the profession, and was amazed by the amount of knowledge osteopaths have about the body - not just at a musculoskeletal level. Haley knew she could "sink her teeth into" it, and that osteopathy would provide an excellent mental challenge.

We asked Haley - what do you love most about osteopathy?

"I love the versatility that osteopathy offers. In the same day, I can treat a burly rugby player, followed by a small child. The techniques can be tailored to the individual, and even treating low back pain can be approached in so many different ways. Being an osteopath gives me the opportunity to grow and learn about people. No two days are the same - there's certainly no time to get bored!" - Haley

Haley believes in giving people a thorough work-over to get their body to improve as soon as it can. She is very 'hands on' with her approach to treatment, and uses quite firm, persuasive massage, stretching and movement techniques. Haley is really dedicated to her clients, and makes sure they have a combination of exercises, stretches and good advice of what to do after treatment to maintain relief from their pain. 

Haley is an avid horsewoman and owns two horses of her own - Jiggy and Charlie. She loves riding in the quietness of Woodhill forest, and getting back in touch with nature helps her achieve work-life balance. 

Phillippe Dussart

Philippe Dussart B.Ost

Bachelor of Osteopathy

Senior Associate Osteopath

ACC Registered Practitioner

We welcomed Philippe to the team of osteopaths at ThreeSixty in 2018. After qualifying from the British School of Osteopathy, London, in 2007 Phil moved to New Zealand shortly after and has been enjoying the Kiwi lifestyle ever since.

Phil is a very ‘hands on’ osteopath, with particular interests in treating headaches and breathing disorders. He also loves analysing how different physical activities we do affect our bodies, and uses this knowledge to solve your own unique "pain puzzle" during treatment.

We asked Phil – after 12 years of practise, why are you still passionate about osteopathy?

“How can anyone not be passionate about a vocation that challenges you in a different way every day? Osteopathy is the health practice that has it all - direct contact with people; one on one approach to treatment; holistic system of diagnosis and complements all other health models instead of replacing them. Being an osteopath not only pushes you to be the best you can be, but allows you to meet a fantastic diversity of people in the process!” - Philippe

Since 2008, Phil has been heavily involved in teaching postgraduate osteopathic students. He started off with clinical tutoring the Masters degree students, then moved on to lecturing and developing, implementing and coordinating the clinical assessments. He also enjoys his collaborative role at Unitec, advising students with their projects in osteopathic research, and helping with pre-statistical excel data analysis! Phil also works with the Osteopathic Council as a preceptor - to help mentor and supervise overseas osteopaths during their first year of practice in New Zealand.

In his personal time, Phil enjoys walking and training his two giant dogs, who love nothing more than a wild walk anywhere there's water they can frolic in! He is also looking forward to getting back into swimming and archery again after a long break.

Holly Royal B.Ost, CKTP

Bachelor of Osteopathy, Certified KinesioTaping Practitioner level 3

Senior Osteopath, Clinical Director

ACC Registered Practitioner

ThreeSixty Osteopaths, is owned and operated by Holly Royal. Originally from the UK, Holly graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2009, with Honours. She also won the Third Year Award for highest overall results, and RK Hardy Prize for her dissertation on Low Back Pain. After working in England, Holly emigrated to New Zealand in 2011 and spent time at a variety of busy clinics. She opened ThreeSixty Osteopathy in Orewa in 2014. Holly has previously coordinated and taught osteopathic technique to the 3rd Year students at Unitec, and also completed 2 years as a 5th year clinical tutor there too. Holly has also enjoyed working for the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand as a Preceptor in the past - assessing overseas applicants who wish to register and work as osteopaths in our beautiful country.

"I really love what I do, and helping people by reducing their pain and improving their quality of life is thoroughly rewarding. I started ThreeSixty because I wanted to provide a clinic where people get personal treatment, not be 'just another number'. We treat everyone as if they were a member of our own family. As my team will tell you, I'm a hard task master! But I can promise you that every single treatment we provide is to the best of our ability." - Holly

On a personal note, Holly is a competitive ocean swimmer, and looking forward to starting her training for the coming 2017/18 season. She lives in Whangaparoa with husband James, and dogs Shadow and Delta. Holly is going on maternity leave in July 2019, and will return to work in early 2020.

Camelia Iordache

Experienced Massage Therapist 

Camelia has made the exciting decision to start her own business - Relache Holistic Body Therapies!

She can now be contacted directly on 0211 298 746 to make appointment bookings.

Or check out her website:


We wish Camelia the very best of luck!


Skilled Receptionist

Karin is a wonderful addition to our reception team. She brings a warmth and enthusiasm to the clinic, and exceptional customer service skills from a diverse background in different industries including beauty therapy and debt collection!!

Karin and her husband have recently moved to Orewa and are enjoying settling into the Kiwi lifestyle.

For any queries, questions and comments you may have, you will find Karin extremely approachable, caring and kind. Don’t hesitate to call us and ask.

Welcome to the team Karin!

Amy Tinneny-Phillips

Skilled Receptionist

Amy joined the team in 2018, and brings a calm methodical approach to operating the clinic reception area. Amy works part-time alongside Karin, dealing with all clinic administration matters and the day-to-day booking of appointments. Amy has also been working in 'face to face' customer service roles for many years. Her most recent positions have involved working as a swimming instructor and lifeguard for one of the local pool complexes.

Amy already has a Bachelor of Applied Science degree, and is currently completing her Masters thesis to become an osteopath herself. She has already completed her practical and theoretical studies, and is pleased to be working towards her goal of qualifying towards the end of the year. Until then, you'll find her ready and willing to help with your clinical requests via phone or email. 

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