Osteopathy what we treat Pain relief from Sciatica, neck pain, shoulder pain

We provide hands-on care for the following issues - plus many more.

We see lots of people with back pain every day. Back pain is tricky, and has many different causes. Whatever the cause, we work with your muscles, ligaments and joints to reduce the pain.

Neck pain is very common, and not very nice to experience. Sharp, pinching pain might indicate that you have an inflamed joint, or even a trapped nerve in your neck. Sometimes pain coming from the neck can also cause radiations in the arm.

Nerves can get 'trapped' or pinched, especially in the neck. This is mostly caused by inflammation from a joint (or, less commonly, a disc) where the nerve exits the spine. Trapped nerves can also cause feelings of pins and needles, tingling or numbness. We can help with these type of symptoms. 

'Sciatica' refers to a particular distribution of pain in the leg, and is caused by irritation of the Sciatic nerve. It can also manifest as pins and needles, most commonly in the foot, and is caused by entrapment somewhere along the nerve.

There are many causes of headaches, but the neck is often to blame. Pain can radiate up across the back of the head, or even manifest behind the eye. Your Osteopath will be able to tell you what we can do to help ease your pain.

The 'Rotator cuff' muscles are the most common part of the shoulder to be injured, but there are other causes of shoulder pain too.

True 'Frozen shoulder' is a tricky condition to treat, but this term is largely over-used and misdiagnosed. Contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

Hip and groin pains are quite common, and can actually be caused by a wonky pelvis! Pelvic imbalances can occur for a number of reasons. Osteopaths specialise in treating this kind of problem. We can help you - call us now on 09 472 9306.

Knees have little cartilage pads in them called Menisci. Meniscus tears can occur with sudden twisting movements, and are usually caused by sport injuries. The knees are also affected commonly by Osteoarthritis. We are trained to diagnose and treat the cause of your knee pain, let us help.

Many people who have 'tennis elbow' have never even played tennis! Elbow pain is usually caused by performing repetitive movements. If the muscles have gotten very tight around the elbow, they can become very tender and sore.

Plantar fasciitis (fash-ee-eye-tus) is a painful condition presenting as sharp pain underneath the foot. It can also cause painful heel spurs. There are multiple other causes of foot pain that we can help with, but this is the most common one.

If muscles are continuously over-used, they get tighter and tighter, and can occasionally go into a spasm. The best thing to do is apply heat straight away, and seek treatment. Book online.

These are all very individual depending on the movement or type of impact involved. We often send people for X-rays or Ultrasound tests if we are worried you have damaged ligaments or tendons. Don't just strap it up and hope for the best. Call us and discuss what can be done.

You don't need to have an injury to come and have some lovely treatment at ThreeSixty! Sometimes the body just has aches and pains. We can make a treatment plan unique to you, and to help you feel better in no time.

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