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Osteopaths address aches and pains in the musculoskeletal system – muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints

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Due to the Covid-19 lockdown,
our clininc will be closed until further notice.

The health of our clients is absolutely paramount to all practitioners, and we feel as a collective that this is the best course of action until further notice.

We understand that some of you may wish to continue to gain advice and self-help education / exercises etc. We are looking at ways of providing you some help via online contact - possibly Skype or similar, as we will still need to talk with you to assess and make safe and appropriate suggestions.

Click on the link below to follow our Facebook page where updates will be posted.


Osteopathy is a type of manual therapy. We assess, identify and work with aches and pains of your muscular and skeletal body systems.


Osteopaths believe that your body must be sore for a reason, and work hard to find the source of the problem. We use our hands to massage, stretch and move ("articulate") tight joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

When various parts of the body no longer to work well together we tend to get pain and stiffness. This may be caused by something small, (e.g. an injury), or it can build up over time (e.g. sitting at a desk all day).

When this happens, the body to keep up with the demands we place upon it. It becomes exhausted, and this is when we start to feel pain. But don't worry - most problems can be treated! Osteopathy can often help people feel better, even after just a couple of sessions.

At ThreeSixty, we also give you stretches or exercises you can do at home to help yourself improve too.

Call us today to find out if we could help you. To see what our clients have to say about ThreeSixty, scroll down or click here for our testimonials page.

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