FAQs about Osteopathy

Osteopaths can assist with all problems related to the musculoskeletal system - bones, muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. We are also trained in respiratory, cardiovascular and neurological assessment techniques, and complete thorough questioning prior to commencement of treatment. If we think you are suffering from another condition which could be best treated by another healthcare professional, we will discuss this with you and refer you elsewhere.  

You do not need to be referred to us by any other healthcare provider, we assess and identify your needs in the first consultation. In the case of ACC, our Osteopaths are registered ACC providers and will apply for your treatment to be subsidised via an ACC45 form.

Yes, we can call the ACC to find out how many of the allocated number treatments you have left, and if necessary apply for more. We will also need to find out what the 'read code' (diagnosis of injured body part written on the initial form) is to make sure we are able to help you. As long as we have the date of injury and the claim number, ThreeSixty Osteopaths can call the ACC to find out all other necessary information.

At ThreeSixty we have your best interests in mind, but are still legally bound by the rules and regulations set by the ACC. You will be asked how the ache or pain began, and if it is genuinely related to an injury (where there has been some external force - slipped, tripped, fell etc), we will advise you that you can claim subsidised treatment from the ACC. 

We gt asked this all the time! An therefore, have written a short article on this topic. Check out the blog page by clicking here.

Most people feel an improvement within 4-5 sessions, but usually there is some reduction in pain and  increased mobility even after the first appointment. How long it takes for the symptoms to satisfactorily resolve depends on many things, including: 

  • How and why the pain came on - sudden onset problems generally take less treatments to resolve than chronic problems.
  • How long the symptoms have been occurring - the more recent the injury, the shorter the number of treatments required usually.  
  • The general condition and ability of your body to be able to adapt and change with the treatment administered - tired, stressed people, or those with underlying medical conditions may take longer.  
  • What you do outside of the treatment room - you will be given post treatment advice of what to do and not to do. Adhering to this gives you the best chance of symptoms resolving as soon as possible.

Although we use our expertise to guide which techniques we think your body will respond best to, some people do find they do feel a little 'worked on' for up to 24 hours after attending their session. As Osteopaths, we are usually trying to persuade your body to change in some way, so that it can function better - this is what helps reduce the pain. Sometimes, the body doesn't know what to make of the Osteopathic encounter, especially if you are someone who hasn't had Osteopathy or manual therapy before. Please call your therapist if you the pain goes on for too long, or is too bad - we may be able to give you additional advice and provide reassurance.

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